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Free Motion Head Form Systems

SKU: 1307
Category: Federal Motor Vehicle Saftey Standard Machines
Subcategory: Dynamic Series Equipment Solutions
Manufacturer: J & N
Year: 2017
Model: FMVSS 201IU
Type: Upper Interior Head Impact Protection

Compatibility: yes
Software: PC, Mac, Custom

Full turn-key system with
installation and training from
highly experienced test personnel

Impactor delivers repeatable and
consistent FMH velocity

Easy to use touchscreen controller
with multiple programmable
triggers for delaying the firing of
the impactor, cameras, lighting, etc
to within 1 ms

Highly robust test frame
with motorized adjustability
in all three axes, and a rigid,
steel construction capable of
withstanding high reaction forces

Control system pressure
automatically ramps to the desired
input and holds within +/- 0.5 psi