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Daito High Production Circular Carbide Saw - 2007

SKU: 1095
Category: Metal Cutting
Subcategory: Cut off Saws
Manufacturer: Daito
Year: 2007
Model: RCA100
Type: Circular Carbide Saw

Daito Model RCA100 High Production Circular Carbide Saw

Cutting capacity:
Round: 0.8-3.9”
Square: 0.8-3.1”

Auto feed length:
Single feed: 0.23-23.6”
Multiple feed: 23.6-393.6”

Trim cut length: 0.3-3.9”
Unindexible remnant: 3.1” + cutting length
Motor output: Blade: 15 HP
Hyd: 3 HP
Servo: 1 HP
Chip conveyor: ½ HP
Blade size: 360mm x 40mm x T2.5
Blade speed: 35-180 rpm
Blade feed: Hydraulic motor and ball screw
Bar feed: AC servo motor and ball screw
Auto chip conveyor: Chain belt chip conveyor
Cooling: Air compressed oil mist
Tank capacity: Hydraulic: 30 gallon
Coolant: 1 gallon
Machine weight: 6,350 lbs

Toshiba VF-S9 CNC Touch Screen Control
Carbide blade
Sorting chute
Vertical vise
18’ Incline Magazine
Chip conveyor

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